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What next? - jazzygirlhal

Apr. 24th, 2005 11:40 pm What next?

Perhaps the charter school fellowship.
Perhaps teaching in Springfield.
Perhaps opening a music studio and teaching.
Perhaps fostering or adopting.
Perhaps publishing some poetry.
Perhaps getting down to my goal weight.
Perhaps acting or working for NWT.
Hopefully expanding our family.
Hopefully finishing three "started" scrapbooks.
Hopefully freeing ourselves a bit financially.
Hopefully writing my mother's memoirs.
Hopefully travelling a bit.
Hopefully making a variety of knitting projects.
Hopefully spending many sun filled days with the kids.
Hopefully finding my big sister Cindy.
Hopefully getting married (date to be determined.)
Definitely loving my family and friends.
Definitely spending more time with them.
Definitely cultivating a successful home business.
Definitely exercising,stretching, and sweating.
Definitely finishing writing my play.
Definitely singing and singing and giving a concert.
Definitely being in awe of Shay, Kevon, and Lili.
Definitely visiting my nephew in Virginia.
Definitely growing a garden this summer.
Definitely looking for a new home.
Definitely paying more attention to my toes.
Definitely achieving my short term goals.

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