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Here is a picture I came across, My role was of "Mom" and I was… - jazzygirlhal

Apr. 25th, 2005 12:13 pm

Here is a picture I came across,
My role was of "Mom" and I was living
on the rez with a baby girl who was brain
damaged from lack of oxygen when she
fell in the water while my alcoholic
mother was watching her. I end up
killing myself after a car accident
and years of addiction. I found
someone to take care of my baby
before I checked out.


I was once the lead in this play called "House of Wives"
it was interesting because Josh was in "Yerma" that same semester.
"Yerma" is Lorca's tale of a barren woman whose husband is
horrible to her over her inability to bear his child.
"House of Wives" is Gallier's tale of a barren woman
whose husband takes a second and third wife to have
the sons she cannot bear.

I was the lead "Taos" in "House of Wives" and I at the time
believed myself to be infertile. I was able to bring
truth to that role and have recently been thinking about
Taos as I am now diagnosed as having secondary infertility.
The link for that (which may or may not work) is


I miss acting. I think perhaps I will look for a
project to do this summer or for the fall.

I almost forgot, six pounds down...

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Date:May 20th, 2005 08:11 am (UTC)
HAL, i loved your performance in house of wives. i remember you beating your stomach (ovaries?) in dispair. i remember your strong connection to the character. i want to see you act again and am glad you are feeling the itch! love you, butterfly