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Shout out from Michigan - jazzygirlhal

Jul. 5th, 2005 11:08 am Shout out from Michigan

We drove out to Michigan on my birthday
to celebrate my grandfather in law's
90th birthday. The reunion has been full
of singing and laughing, and swimming, and
being. Khalila is lucky to have a huge
family on her dad's side that love to get
together and do so. Eldon is 90 and his
four siblings are all alive, they came
with their children, and grandchildren...
Needless to say lots of family. In contrast
to my small biological family of four,
the two addicts, and the two children.
I am grateful to consider my friends
to be my family. That is how I will keep
from crying, as my mother is suicidal and
a sister in a tailspin.

On to the happy shoutouts,

Tinabear, I miss you much, I am
glad Alaska is good to you, but,
Massachusetts isn't the same without you.
Happy Birthday Cancermate. I have been
camping and was unable to let you know
before know, but you are with me.

Jojo, Happy Birthday to you soon, real soon.
We are only 90 miles apart and never see
each other, I miss you like crazy cakes
and hope that we can chill soon.

Niners, Congratulations on finishing
school. I am proud of you mama extrodinaire.
I can't wait to hang out with the girls at
a park. Do the mama talk while the cuties
play and get to know each other.

Love to all.

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