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Breast cancer - jazzygirlhal

Jul. 9th, 2005 05:22 pm Breast cancer

There is was once again,
the dreaded lump...
I've always hated the
that came with having
protruding proclamations
of womanhood.
It used to be,
the anguish was caused by
external reasons;
wandering eyes
settling there,
making me feel so
inappropriate hands
groping them in
crowded subways and
darkened hallways,
making me feels so
dirty and objectified.
Now it seems
the shame
comes from within.
The internal composition
of this tissuey mass
that rests on my ribs
is the cause of my distress.
This is the third time
the damn lump
has come to claim
my breast as its domain.
Twice before I've had
the un-welcomed visitor
hacked out.
Can I allow the scalpel
to thrice sever
my breast;
or will I let this
uncontrollable growth
continue invading
the symbol of my
and perhaps
the woman?

I wrote this ten years ago.
My mother-in-love has just gone
through two rounds of surgeries.
The margins are still messy so
in 10 days, she will have a
mastectomy. She has been amazing
and in a healing circle we had for her
this was a quote from her.

"with all of this love the poor cancer doesn't stand a chance."

The power of positive perspective.

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