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The marriage - jazzygirlhal

Oct. 9th, 2005 05:38 pm The marriage

Last week I wed my partner of seven years.
We have a child, we have a life together,
we have a love, and we see a future.
So on the anniversary of Gandhi's birthday
we wed. Hopeing to be messengers of peace
and love in our union and individually for
the world to draw from.

The night before the wedding my husband's father
decided to call and spread hate. He said I was
racist, paranoid, disrespectful, ungrateful,
irresponsible, and abusive. There were other
things in there but it was overall horrible.
It seems to me that nothing in my life will
be easy at first. Ut oh, sounds like paranoid
thinking. Why my father in law chooses 12hours
before our nuptuals to voice this is beyond me.
Well, not really, it is just his style.

It was painful and we cried quite a bit. I
uninvited him to our wedding, he had threatened
Josh with not being able to contain himself
when the question of anyone objects to this union.
We put it in a positive way anyhow. In the end
I decided I loved Josh more then I dislike his
father so I left the decision up to him. The
poetic justice was the traffic on the pike
that caused them to miss it anyway.

The ceremony transcended the nonsense,
the weather was perfect and we became
one. We are planning a big ceremony
for the summer.

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