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Domestic frustration - jazzygirlhal

Oct. 27th, 2005 12:48 pm Domestic frustration

What can you do for the woman who is not ready to leave?
As a child I sat powerless as my mother was the target
of his rage. Feeling the fights physically in my soul,
I stayed silent. As a teen, once again, I knew not how
to protect my two sisters from the wrath of their men.
Decidedly I stayed away from relationships as to not end
up a punching bag. That was until a special love came and
made me feel safe enough to love.
Once my nephew was born I found the strength to go and
remove that beautiful baby from the hatred. Of course
then i turn their anger on me, but I will do anything to
protect a child from suffering. Frustration comes when now
I have to admit that my sister usually starts the fights
and the physicality. She ends up with men that eventually
hit back. Expect for the one who dumped her when he felt
that anger growing within him.
A few nights ago there was another "beating" and an attempt
to kill them both in the car. Her son, my nephew, was drawn
into it by her crying, ranting, raving, etc. This left little
man hateful, wanting to enact revenge on his mother's "ex"
boyfriend. I brought her to the police station, just to have
her change her mind the next day. Just to have them together
like nothing has happened, while the rest of the family is still
wounded from taking care of the drama queen who dragged us all in.
When will it stop, and how can I help little man understand
something I barely understand myself.

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