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Blessings Be - jazzygirlhal

Mar. 26th, 2006 08:17 pm Blessings Be

I never take the time to write in this journal, well here I am to change my ways. I miss the time I used to spend reflecting with the computer. I certainly still reflect but there is something to preserving it.

Khalila and her sayings,
"I don't believe it" about anything that strikes her fancy.
"Hell to the no" okay, that's my fault, but I stopped saying it a while ago.
"Don't forget the kisses, don't forget the hugs" whenever one of us leaves.
"Mama, I want to tell you a tory, ssss tory" We are working on her sounding the letter s in front of a consonant. chool, ponge, tory, top, tage, nuggle. The s in front of a vowel is easy for her.
"Oh Snap" when something falls or the like.

Kevon and his cuteness
Ten years old and still climbs on my lap.
Lovingly taking care of Khalila.
Waiting his compliment if he hears me give on to Lili.
Attempting the spins on his head.
The fierce concentration he gives when he sings.

Khalila loves to clean, to cook, to play the piano, to dance, to step, to sing, to play with her baby girls Kanana and Higirl.

Today at the YMCA, everyone thought Khalila was a boy, the daycare provider said "he was so adaptable, and he is so bright" then we when to the plaing structure where a few more people said he this, he that. Then there was the four year old that decided she was a boy, and called her Jon. Of course I let Kevon dress her, and perhaps the clothes come from the boy section. I don't believe in all of that nonsense. I have bought her some adorable outfits from the boy section. My favorite is the suit with a tie, pictures to come when I get myself another camera.

I miss my baby girl so much, I can barely stand it. This huge conference and performance will be done in two weeks time, and then I can reclaim a bit of my life back. Hang on little missy, soon mama will be more available, I promise.

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Date:March 28th, 2006 05:37 am (UTC)

Auntie T checks in

I miss her too! The message I got from you entry was that Tia Tina needs to send little missy some girl clothes!

Love you and miss you all!
Date:April 1st, 2006 11:45 am (UTC)
gracie is constantly being called a boy...because of her haircut (ok, and maybe her clothes, too!). i usually don't correct people, but if they ask "his" name, i tell them gracie and then watch them get all weird.