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Happier thoughts - jazzygirlhal

Mar. 30th, 2006 07:54 am Happier thoughts

A couple of my favorite Lili statements from the past.

Although it could break my heart if she said it more then that one day is
"you don't love me mama" as she stomped up the stairs, at 2 1/2.

Also the infamous "my nuts hurt mama"

And "that girl is making me so nervous" as she avoids a neighborhood 13 year old.

Of course, it is her inflection, and her expression that really make these statements endearing.

Khalila's friend Tea is having an article done about her in a magazine and they want to take pictures of her playing with her friends, so her mama Malu invited Khalila to be a part of the photo shoot as she is Tea's best friend. It is cute how many of the kids consider Khalila their best friend in her school. Malu was saying how Khalila was such a mother to Tea, they are 8 months apart.

As I thought about it I realized again how amazing Khalila is, and how lucky this world is that she is here. I won't put expectation on her, but if she continues to connect with and touch people the way she already has in under three years then wow. At school, every since day one she provides nurturing for the children that are sad when their parents leave, she helps those that fall, that cry, she holds hands with the shy ones to engage them, she helps the others put their shoes on, and unzip their lunchboxes. Her teachers are smitten, and Khalila has prompted one of them to have another child. Of course I told her if she gets pregnant before me, then I cannot talk to her anymore (just kidding, kinda)

I sometimes think Khalila should be onstage or in commercials, this idea came first from tons of people saying that when she always smiled as a baby, then it came when she exclaimed "Mama, these are the most delicious cookies we made" as she danced around. Also Shirley Temple has nothing on her, Khalila knows four different dance styles, she tumbles, she sings and makes up these incredible melodies, and she is a little actress, whenever she wants to make a point her facial expressions are priceless. Add her memory, her easy goingness, and her friendliness and I know she would have a place in that world.

However, I have seen the worst of what that world can do, and never want my bay girl to think that I am either living my dreams through her, or that I exploited her. So she will remain a local artist, until she is old enough to convince me otherwise, if that is to be her path.

I know this is like proud mama moment, and I hope it's not received negatively, but Khalila is too darn adorable not to have an entry dedicated to that. Seriously though, trying to lighten up since my last entry.

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Date:April 1st, 2006 11:40 am (UTC)
this entry made me so happy! (yet secretly sad that our girlies weren't closer in space so my gray could enjoy your lili...and maybe learn a nurturing thing or two!) you deserve lots of proud-mama moments...the reason why she's so incredible is because of YOU!

have a great morning with jo and lib!