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Don't let your housing bubble burst - jazzygirlhal — LiveJournal

Jun. 6th, 2006 04:54 am Don't let your housing bubble burst

This was a subject line of my email yesterday and I thought it appropriate for what my family has just been through the past few days. It was Wednesday afternoon when we got the eviction notice, no I don't mean the noticed to quit. I mean the notice from the Sheriff saying that we have 48 hours before they come to take possession of the premises. The story started a long time ago but as I try not to complain about the injustice I often encounter, I haven't written about it.

It was weird because at work I am gearing up for peak again as the retreat I am responsible is now a month away. I will write more about this amazing retreat later. I have also agreed to help a friend who has three children, Khalila's best friend, and twin one year olds, so that is about 30 hours on top of my madness at work. Add on my family, and add on the new position of resident directors (which has included events at the president of a local college, interviews with newspapers, meeting the scholars and their hosts, and their family, and the board, spending a weekend at the house covering for the resident director who is leaving, lunches with perspective students for next year, etc.

Needless to say Mama Lili is a supremely busy woman, and although it must be done, I sometimes wonder when I can be more available to do crafties, music, nature, loveins, shower, and connect with the friends I love and miass. Okay back to the subject, despite the time demands on me, I managed to not let myself get thrown off, or upset about being kicked out. We spent the first 24 hours digging for boxes, buying tons of tape, and packing. We are lucky enough to be able to put our stuff in the basement of our new home (which we can move in to on the 1st of July) We were loading the truck when the Sheriff got back to town and returned our call. He was nice and happy to hear that we were in the process of moving, saving him the hassle of getting a truck, movers, and carrying away our stuff at a tremendous cost to us. He also gave us the weekend, which helped take some pressure off, but we were already loading the minivan and borrowed van.

The whole time, I was grateful that I had 48 hours notice, that I had the resources to box up my things and transport them. Josh and I did most of it by ourselves, I have many wonderful friends, but it seems like the need more notice for an emergency. No worries, I only reached out to a couple of my many many friends. We didn't need help, we did it. I hired someone who is down on their luck to help us actually move on Friday, he helped for about four hours. Though it was a challenging situation, to be facing living in our car with a three year old, I knew how privileged I am. I was painfully aware of the millions of people displaced in history, and in the present. Africans back to the slave trade, to today in Rwanda, and Sudan. The ethnic cleansing where people are forced from their lands under threat and carried out death. The Jewish people during Hitler's mass destruction. The natives during the trail of tears. Katrina, Tsunami, Earthquakes. All of these brothers and sisters, and I had no self pity, for in comparison, there is no comparison, my life is amazingly easy. This perspective kept me going and left no room for complaint.

So we are presently camped out in the living room of my mother. My mother and sister are not smoking in the common areas, and keeping their bedroom doors closed tight as to not expose us to the smoke. We would be in a tent, but it is too cold for my run down body. So far I am winning the battle with my immune system, of course I have only slept 5 hours in the past two days, so I may soon lose the battle. So our housing bubble did burst, but something beautiful has come out of it. A re appreciation of my spouse, for when the going gets tough, he hankered down and came through ( as opposed to running, or blaming me) We are also saving June rent so now we can afford to get caught up a bit and to go on a date:)

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Date:June 8th, 2006 08:34 pm (UTC)

From Tina

I'm confused. Did you get evicted from the place I knew or from the group home? Is the group home going to work out? I'm sorry for your housing problems. I wish I could have been there to help you move and work it out.

We'll talk soon
Date:June 9th, 2006 05:07 am (UTC)

Re: From Tina

I see you're moving into your new housing in July. Glad that is still going to happen. It's beautiful that Khalila is excited about her "brothers."

Date:June 11th, 2006 12:31 am (UTC)
oh girl, i wish i was closer so you could all come over and i could make you tea and cook a nice big meal for all of you, and the girls could play together and we could catch up and i could hear all the details about your situation. but because we can't have this right now, please know that i'm thinking of you and sending you my sweetandtender hugs during this crazy time for you.

you are amazing.